Mr. and Mrs. Mohr

Dear friends of mine decided that on their 5 year anniversary they would renew their vows and continue to do so every 5 years. I LOVE everything about this idea. They say the first 5 years of marriage is the hardest & when you come out on the other side stronger than ever with more love for each other than you could ever image, congratulate yourselves. Tell one another what you love about them now, I'm sure it will be completly different from when you first said your vows on your wedding day. 

Shelter Island San Diego


Hair done by Selina Lara


Spray tan by Danni Mohr 

This love is so inspiring & this commitment to renew their vows every 5 years is inspiring. Dear friends, Thank you for allowing me to witness and capture this very special moment for you two. I love you both! 

xoxo,  Bre Parton

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